Project Kahn Gives 2011 Audi Q5 S-Line a Tune

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The 2011 Audi Q5 S-Line gets a tune from our good friend over at Project Kahn.

How complete would our lives be if we didn't mention Project Kahn at least once a week? This time, the guys at the tuning firm have given us the Audi Q5 S-Line. The Project Kahn Audi Q5 S-Line is finished in Bugatti pearl white with a full Kahn body styling conversion complete with Kahn 22-inch RSR alloy wheels in black finish, lowered sports suspension, red calipers and Kahn exhaust. The interior of the Project Kahn Q5 S-Line includes Kahn tailor made specifications.

According to Afzal Kahn himself: "Inside is the 'bespoke touch.' We provide our customers with the opportunity to express one's individuality. And they can have whatever colour or design they wish for." Aside from the exterior detail enhancements, nothing under the hood has been changed. Mr. Kahn further addded that " As one of the U.K.'s leading design houses, we recognise the importance of staying true to the original design themes...while evolving them to achieve a new and dynamic appearance. The 2011 Audi Q5 S-Line package starts at £44,875.

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