Project Kahn Offers Range Rover Sport Miyagi Edition For Charity

Natural Disaster

UK tuner Project Kahn, notorious for their ongoing work with Land Rovers, has lent their hand to the Range Rover Sport Miyagi Edition. Project Kahn used the Range Rover Sport Miyagi as a way to raise funds for victims of the natural disasters that struck Japan earlier this year.

It has been quite a while since we mentioned that wonderful name Project Kahn, but did you think that the UK tuners would let us forget about them? No way. This time, Project Kahn lends its hand to their new Range Rover Sport Miyagi Edition. No, not named after the legendary (yet fictional) karate instructor who helped guide young Daniel-San to victory despite a broken leg. This time it's to help victims of the recent tragedies that struck Japan.

The Range Rover Sport Miyagi will consist of a ten-piece Kahn body kit equipped in a more aggressive front bumper with fog lamp surrounds in billet steel finish, rear bumper replacement with exhaust diffuser, side skirts, matte black side vents with double mesh and a rear quad stainless-steel exhaust system by Cosworth that also includes 22-inch RS Cosworth wheels. The interior will feature all the usual Project Kahn touches including bespoke quilted leather for the front and rear seats, a new glove box and dashboard as well. Project Kahn has launched a direct appeal to customers and fans to donate and help the people of Japan.

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The tragedies have claimed the lives of over 10,872 people and thousands of others who were left homeless after the disasters. Pricing for the Range Rover Sport Miyagi Edition begins at £69,000 for the diesel and £89,000 for the gasoline version.