Project Kahn Pre-Frankfurt Land Rover DC100 Renderings

2011 Frankfurt Auto Show / Comments

4 Land Rovers from one rendering - It can only be Project Kahn.

Project Kahn never misses a chance to work on a Land Rover, even if it hasn't even come out yet or isn't in production. If it's a Land Rover, if it even resembles a Land Rover, Project Kahn will try to tune it. Land Rover has only just announced (and rendered) their DC100 Concept that will debut at the Frankfurt Auto Show that's just a few days away, and it's safe to say that Afzal Kahn is more excited than anyone.

With an unending desire to tune Land Rovers, the British firm is showing off their Photoshop expertise with four distinct versions of the Land Rover DC100 Concept. The Military Expedition vehicle is definitely the jewel of the renderings, while the Surfer, Terrain and 477 versions all show the versatility they have imagined from the British company's newest concept rendering. Land Rover will debut their DC100 Concept at the 2011 Frankfurt Auto Show, taking place later this month. Check out the photos and let us know which design you like best, whether it be Land Rover's original concept or one of Kahn's imaginings.

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