Project Moderna Will Be A Classic Ferrari With A Modern Twist

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GTO Engineering is working on something spectacular.

A Ferrari is always a beauty, but when it's one built in the sixties, it's especially gorgeous. From a time before legislation and pedestrian safety determined how cars are shaped, early Italian sports cars are unrivaled for sheer beauty. Arguably the best of these is the Ferrari 250 SWB, and the GTO version has even been legally declared a work of art.

If you can afford one of these gorgeous machines, you likely wouldn't want to drive it on a public road for fear of damaging it, but GTO Engineering can make such a thing possible, although not without a high cost.

GTO Engineering GTO Engineering

GTO Engineering already has considerable experience with reimagining a timeless Ferrari, and now has revealed its first design renderings of a new 250 GTO-styled project, codenamed Moderna. It will feature a tubular steel chassis with aluminum subframes while the body will be mainly fashioned of carbon fiber. Why not all of it? Well, carbon is too light to give you that reassuringly solid feel when you close a door or hood, so those parts will be made of aluminum instead. Nevertheless, the car will weigh in at under 1,600 pounds.

GTO Engineering's managing director, Mark Lyon, says that "a car's weight and engine are two of the key ingredients to make a good sports car. So, we knew that this car should be under a tonne and powered by a quad-cam V12 - an engine format we are familiar with and developing in-house."

GTO Engineering GTO Engineering GTO Engineering

A certain level of modernity will be displayed in other aspects of the car too, with modern lighting and exhaust systems promised for improved safety and performance. Each car will also allow the owner to tailor it to their personal preference, but as you can imagine, there is a rather high cost.

Considering that the company's 250 GT Revival was priced at a cool $1 million and that each car would take between 12 and 18 months to build, it'll be some time before we're likely to see one of these in the metal. It'll be worth the wait though, as it looks far prettier than Ferrari's latest efforts - including the stunning SF90 Stradale. And although the company is based in the UK, it has a California branch too. Desirable? Beyond measure.

GTO Engineering GTO Engineering GTO Engineering

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