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ProjectR8 Is Sensory Overload For Audi Fans

Cars&Coffee / 39 Comments

More R8s than you can shake a stick at.

Cars and Coffee events have become such a big deal lately that some have even spawned little sub-groups within the bigger event. One such group is ProjectR8, a group of Audi R8 owners who came to know one another through Cars and Coffee Irvine. The group meets every couple of months, and these get-togethers have become pretty fantastic in their own right, but especially for Audi fans. Of course, a few non-Audis make it in as well.

The most recent event included a trip to Lamborghini Newport Beach, so there were obviously some other exotics in the mix there. All told, the R8 still had the biggest presence, with some 30 examples of the car in attendance. These included four examples of the R8 LMS-WC GT3 race car, built by GMG for the Pirelli World Challenge Series. There were also, of course, plenty of photo opportunities; which would have been hard to pass up with so many exotics in one place. So if you're an Audi fan in the Irvine area, you might want to keep an eye out for these guys.

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