Proof That China Is The Best At Making Fake Land Rovers


Was there ever any doubt?

We've already seen how skillfully Chinese car manufacturer Zotye managed to create a so-called "Macan" SUV that bared a striking similarity to Porsche's Cayenne. So similar in fact that Porsche is considering taking legal action against the Chinese automaker. If you thought that this was bad then take a look at the all new Landwind X7 SUV which was scheduled to be released in June 2015. This car is ridiculously similar to the Land Rover Evoque.

Understandably the X7 caused some severe controversy with Land Rover who are not pleased with the imitation. In 2014, Land Rover officially filed a complaint with Chinese officials for the theft of intellectual property. However, this didn't stop the Landwind X7 from being put on display at the 2014 Chinese auto show, which also happened to feature the Land Rover Evoque. Now we're hearing reports that the June debut of the Land Wind X7 has been delayed for reasons unknown. We'd like to speculate that the car's debut is being delayed due to a feud with Land Rover, but we cannot verify this. What do you think? Will this fake Land Rover ever make it to the road?

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