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PSA Should Do Anything In Its Power To Keep The 577-HP Vauxhall VXR8 Alive

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One of the most underrated cars of our time is on its deathbed and here's why its new corporate parents should resuscitate it.

Human desire is a bit of a tricky thing, especially because it's so dang hard to satiate. Many times, we want something that we can't have and envy those who have it, all while others are looking at our lives with equal amounts of envy. It explains why Australians are jealous of how cars imported into the US are relatively cheap compared to those brought to the land Down Under, but here in North America, we drool over cars like the Vauxhall VXR8.

In the US, the closest equivalent is the Chevy SS, which makes 415 horsepower and goes down in our books as one of the most underrated cars of our time. On the other hand, the Vauxhall VXR8, which shares the same bones as the SS, gets a supercharged 6.2-liter V8 pushing a jaw-dropping 577 horsepower. Talk about unfair.

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Speed addict and DriveTribe Editor at Large Jethro Bovingdon has been driving one for the past six months just as the car is being phased out along with its cousins the Chevy SS and the Holden Commodore. He gives us his final book report on the VXR8, as if we would one day be able to go to a dealership and buy one, and in it he echoes the end of an era for super sedans like these. Put simply, GM didn't have to go ahead and sell off Vauxhall to kill off the VXR8. Fuel economy standards and stiff competition from the Germans meant it would always be a niche vehicle that would have a harder time selling. The days when an automaker could take a sedan and stuff it with a big engine and keep it simple are over.