PSI Gives M3 a GTS Edge

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Precision Sport Industries creates classy tuning program, transforming BMW M3 into a GTS replica.

When tasked with creating a "special M3" Precision Sport Industries got to work transforming the car into a M3 GTS replica. To this end the first essential exterior mod to fit was an OEM M3 GTS wing, followed closely by an AE Performance roll cage finished in a matching shade of orange and some Recaro SPG XL bucket seats on OEM sliders. The shift knob was also replaced with a Macht Schnell Nylon edition complete with an Active Autowerke Short Shift Kit.

Returning to the exterior, and an OEM European bumper and IND Sport Evo lip were fitted to match the GTS wing and to keep the aerodynamics in check, as was a 3D Design diffuser. Completing the new look is a set of HRE Performance Monoblock 1-piece P43S alloys boasting a Modern Conical profile finished in gloss black. PSI claims they then got to work on the engine, adding Active Autowerke "Race" midpipes and software for improved performance and soundtrack, but unfortunately there are no output figures to back this up.

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