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Pura 2022 Electric Lamborghini Supercar Concept

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The Pura 2022 is one designer's idea of how future Lamborghinis should look like.

Lamborghini has always been seen as the vanguard among supercar manufacturers when it comes to edgy designs and futuristic concepts. The Aventador still has the land-bound jet-fighter looks that typified the V12 flagships for decades but in standard form the V10 Huracan is a bit less visually striking. To the rescue comes Fernando Pastre Fertonani, an automotive designer who penned the Lamborghini Pura 2022, an electric supercar concept that he feels could be the future of Lamborghini's design direction.

Fernando says that his design is inspired by the brand's rich heritage. Clean, elegant and extreme this concept combines the iconic and classic Lamborghini with innovation and sensuality. The Pura 2022 designs showed ultra-clean lines with the glass sections painted in body color to give the car purposeful unbroken lines along its length. 'Pura', means pure and this is what Fernando feels most embodies his Lamborghini concept. There are definitely many cues hinting at Lambo's of the past, the side view in particular brings to mind images of the original Murcielago. While Fernando has no affiliation with Lamborghini, the quality of his designs could well have come from the manufacturers own team.

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And just as is the practice of Lamborghini themselves, Fernando has added some visual aggression with an updated Pura SV. There is now a more pronounced rear diffuser and carbon-fiber tail section while the front end has additional aero components and eschews any intakes, as this is of course an electric concept. Lamborghini have been hinting at electric drivetrains powering its supercars in the near future so the Pura 2022 could be closer to the mark than you might think. This design and Ferando's other car-related sketches can be found on Behance.net, a site that showcases creative work.