Purist Porsche 911R Rumored To Debut At Geneva

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Purists rejoice! This 911 will be manual ONLY!

If you're a Porsche purist, chances are you have been following the rumors about the upcoming 911R. Last year, Porsche told the media that it would build a special edition 911 that would feature a manual transmission. Originally this model was set to be called the 911GT, but now '911R' appears more likely. The 911R will be based on the current GT3 model, which is PDK (seven-speed auto) only. The R will wear skinnier tires and have no giant rear wing, both of which will give a more pure driving experience while sacrificing grip.

Porsche's goal here is purity, not speed. According to an interview conducted by Motoring, 911 product line manager August Achleitner confirmed that the purist 911 would be unveiled at the 2016 Geneva Motor Show. Achleitner says "Come to Geneva and you'll find out." Unfortunately Porsche has not issued any other details about this upcoming 911 model, but expect production to be limited and the entire production range pre-sold. For those waiting to buy one of these, we suggest you write Porsche a check before this car is revealed. When a car is this special, you need to be quick.

Source Credits: www.motoring.com.au

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