Purists May Hate That BMW Has Morphed The 5 Series Into A 7 Series

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Mercedes did that with the E-Class, but why copy the Tri-Star when you're the sportier pick?

BMW, like Mercedes, has realized that many people buy a car based solely on a badge because, as Alex Goy of Carfection explains it, they want to have the shiniest looking thing in the parking lot. That's why Mercedes made its middle of the pack E-Class look a lot like its S-Class sedan, which steals looks left and right for its sheer size and bling factor. Not wanting to be left out, BMW made its G30 5 Series look similar to its range-topping 7 Series.

The results are astonishing. Technology and style, two of the G30's strongest features, depart slightly from the older 5 Series' sporting characteristic. That's not exactly the case as Goy learns.

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Even though it has larger proportions, the G30 is actually lighter than the F10 it replaces by over 220 pounds, meaning that corner carvers should opt for the seemingly less sporty Bimmer if they want to be faster. Purists may not like the semi-autonomous features that keep the car on the road without driver input. Compromise must be made though, because even though it migrates a bit closer to the luxurious 7 Series and focuses less on performance, it's been turned into a bargain luxury vehicle for those who want the five-star experience.

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