Putin Test Drives Little Green Car To Save The Russian Auto Industry

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Manly man Putin has never looked so out of place.

Russian President Vladmir Putin is well-known for touting his prowess as a manly man with extravagant public relations stunts. Whether Vlad is hitting the gym before an important meeting, submerging to dangerous depths in a Bond-esque submarine or wrestling a bear shirtless in Siberia, you can bet your bottom ruble that all of the action will be caught on camera for his fellow countrymen and the world to see. However, when Putin isn't busy dominating foreign affairs or doing other manly things, he's probably out saving the Russian auto industry.

This past week Putin was filmed driving the all-new, Russian-manufactured Lada Vesta in the city of Sochi. The Lada Vesta is a small family sedan produced by Russian automaker AvtoVAZ. The car is powered by a 106 hp 16V 1.6-liter Lada engine and priced between 465,000 and 600,000 rubles ($7,000 to $9,000).

It is hoped that the car will revive the Russian auto industry, which took a major hit after the heavy Western sanctions were imposed on the country. After test driving the Lada Vesta, Vlad stated that, "the gears change well… it drives very smoothly. I think it will sell well." Deep thoughts, we know. After such an enthralling review from the dear leader, who wouldn't be chomping at the bit to own one?

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