Putting A Hyundai Engine Into A Porsche 911 Is The Most Backwards Engine Swap Ever

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The car will be displayed at SEMA 2017.

When you think of tuning you generally think of modifications that make a car faster, more agile or just plain cooler. Well, we're not quite sure if this mod fits any of those parameters, but it sure is uncommon to say the least. Bisimoto, a famed tuning company from Canada, has taken a Porsche 911 and swapped the German flat-six engine with a V6 pulled out of a Hyundai. Yes, a Hyundai. Why? Well, Bisimoto didn't really provide an explanation other than the build will be the most unorthodox they've ever done.

Admittedly, we aren't experts on Hyundai engines, but it appears the powerplant is a Hyundai Lambda-series engine. We have no idea what Bisimoto has in store for the engine in terms of power output or performance, but it would only seem fitting for them to manage to eek out a huge power figure from such an unorthodox build. I mean, as far as crazy builds go we have seen stuff like a Ferrari V8 swapped into a Toyota GT86, but engines never go up the automotive ladder, so to speak. The Bisimoto build is one of four cars that they company will be bringing to SEMA 2017. If this is just one of its builds we can't wait to see what else it has in store!


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