Putting Virtual Reality In An Audi Will Cost At Least $700

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The rollout for Holoride has begun in Germany, and it's not cheap.

Virtual Reality is slowly working its way into cars. We've covered the topic before, back when Audi announced true VR would be coming to its models this year. Porsche did much the same. Now, that day is here, at least in Germany. Holoride, the startup working with Audi and Porsche, has announced that the rollout of its VR headsets has begun.

Later, the rollout will expand to the US, Canada, and Asia. The headsets are available for the Audi A4, A5, A6, A7, A8, Q5, Q7, Q8, etron, etron Sportback, and etron GT. Holoride has set German pricing at $697 USD for the headset.

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The kit contains HTC's Vive Flow headset, a unit that's already hit the market. If you've already got a Vive Flow, a specific controller can be purchased for $49.80 USD. However, we should note that these aren't the only costs associated with having VR in your Audi.

Holoride is a subscription service, something that's become increasingly common in today's cars, whether we like it or not. The kit comes with 12 months free, but after that, it's $19.92/month or $179.82 for the year. Still, you are getting two original games off the bat for the unit, which uses its own custom software instead of HTC's default platform.

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In this case, that means features like synchronization with the real-world steering, braking, and acceleration inputs of your Audi. In addition to the two original games, buyers will have access to two puzzle games, smartphone mirroring, a web browser, and four "educational experiences." We imagine these are there to help you get familiar with your new Holoride gear.

Holoride, which syncs to the car via Bluetooth, is set to hit America next year. Hopefully, given the steep cost of the kit, there will be a few more games and features available for the kit. Almost $700 is a whole lot for something that's arguably better experienced on your PC at home.

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