Qatari Prince Goes for Gold with Green Aventador

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When you're a member of the Qatari royal family, buying a Lamborghini Aventador and having Oakley Design customized it with 18ct gold-flake paint is nothing but pocket change.

The experience of owning a Lamborghini Aventador isn't comparable to that of many other types of cars. With the exception of other supercar exotics, an Aventador is an expensive purchase and many owners want their cars to stand even further out from the rest. Being rich certainly has its perks. When Nasser Al-Thani of Qatar's royal family bought his car, he turned to Oakley Design for help in making it even better than stock.

The tuning firm is famous for its work on Lamborghinis, Ferraris and Porsches in both the performance and cosmetic departments. For this Aventador, however, the owner wanted something truly unique, and the tuning firm delivered. Starting off with an orange Aventador, the car was fully stripped and re-painted green with 18ct gold flakes incorporated into the paint. All told, a total of nine coats were applied, resulting in a very different look from Al-Thani's usual choice of bright teal. The roof was painted black in contrast, and a carbon fiber aero kit consisting of a front chin spoiler and rear diffuser was also added, amongst other bits and pieces.

Further work was done to the rear spoiler, which has been angled at 15 degrees in order to improve downforce and top speed. Oakley Design also did some tweaking to the engine management system as well as adding a new titanium exhaust system. Final power output hasn't been released, but going on the 760-4 emblazoned on the side sill, the same bet is on 760 horsepower driving this custom Lambo's four wheels.

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