Qoros Automotive, A new Brand In The Global Market

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With initial production capacity of 150,000 cars, Qoros will try to be the first successful Chinese car company in western Europe.

Qoros Automotive Ltd. is a new car brand in the crowded international automobile market. The brand was revealed yesterday in Shanghai and Qoros cars are expected to come to market from 2013. Qoros is a joint venture between Chery Automobile of China and Quantum LLC, an American subsidiary of Israel Corp. the biggest holding company in Israel. The joint venture is planning to produce a mid-size sedan for the Chinese and Western European markets.

It recruited an experienced senior management team from Europe headed by company Vice Chairman Volker Steinwascher who said that the company will make vehicles combining European design and engineering technologies. The joint venture was established in 2007 and since then the two companies have invested over half a billion dollars in developing the concept, production cars, and building a new factory, which will have a capacity to produce 150,000 cars annually. The task facing Qoros will not be easy as raising brand awareness and assuring quality to potential customers isn't easy these days when something has a 'Made In China' sticker.

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