Qoros Previews Koenigsseg-Powered K-EV Supercar Concept

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Its all-wheel drive powertrain will be based on the same setup as the Koenigsseg Regera plug-in hybrid supercar.

Qoros recently teased a new high performance electric supercar concept developed with Swedish hypercar maker Koenigsseg to be shown at the Shanghai Auto Show this month. Now known as the Model K-EV, the Chinese company has shared a new image giving us a closer look at electric concept's futuristic shape as well as new details ahead of its reveal. The main highlight of the K-EV's innovative design is its asymmetrical door design, featuring a gullwing door on the driver's side that automatically opens when activated.

The front passenger's door is more conventional, with a two-hinged system that can open outwards or slide horizontally, while the rear door also has a sliding system for easy access. Inside are two distinct cabin spaces at the front and rear aiming to give back-seat passengers "a more comfortable and enjoyable riding experience." Qoros says the K-EV is built with "Clever Carbon Cabin" technology – in other words, the car's construction makes extensive use of carbon fiber to keep it light and improve the performance and energy efficiency, thus increasing the electric range mileage rumored to be around 310 miles according to reports by Chinese media.

Qoros didn't offer any technical specifications for the K-EV concept, but reports suggest that it will sprint from 0-62 mph in just three seconds. Qoros did confirm, however, that the K-EV features a high performance all-wheel drive powertrain based on the setup found in the Koenigsseg Regera plug-in hybrid supercar. Last year, Qoros utilized the cam-less engine developed by Koenigsseg's sister company FreeValve AB for its QamFree concept car. A production model based on the K-EV is planned for 2019, but expect more details at the Shanghai Auto Show on April 19.

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