Quarter of a Century for Land Rover in the US

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The Indian owned British brand will mark its 25th US anniversary at the New York Auto Show.

25 years ago Land Rover set to conquer the US luxury cars segment with nothing less than an off-roader, the Range Rover. This would be Land Rover's response to growing interest from American customers for 4WD cars, as well as the lack of luxury vehicles in that gray and dusty segment. The American SUVs of that era were derived from truck platforms, used trucks' suspension systems and felt like trucks, since these were trucks disguised as SUVs.

At that time no one suspected Land Rover, who since the war produced utility off road vehicles that were used mainly by farmers and military forces, to be a luxury car maker. Therefore when Land Rover launched its upmarket vehicle it was named Range Rover, distinguished as a separate brand, and the car's price soared to $30,850, which was an unheard of figure for an off-roader at that time. When it established its American subsidiary it was named Range Rover North America. Land Rover had been left in the Old Continent.

Range Rover with its modern look and sophisticated suspension with coil springs in all four corners rather than leaf springs, changed the perception of the four-wheel drive car and transformed it into a luxury brand and a desired object. Now, 25 years later, Range Rove has strong presence in the US and demand is beating supply for the chic Range Rover Evoque. To celebrate that anniversary Land Rover, now under Indian ownership, will host a special celebration in conjunction with the New York Auto Show and will invite consumers to an urban off-road adventure.

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Here they will drive 2012 model year vehicles at a custom-made course in the heart of New York City's meatpacking district. More than 575,000 Land Rover vehicles were sold in the USA in 25 years and today the lineup of vehicles includes also Land Rover vehicles such as the LR2 (Freelander) and the LR4 (Discovery) as part of the Land Rover brand.

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