Question of the Day: Would You Drive this Pink Camaro?

Paris Hilton not included.

Not only does a pink Chevrolet Camaro exist, but someone has actually dedicated an entire website to its very existence. Seriously. We just happened to find it and were surprised to learn that at one time it was also for sale. Yes, we were disgusted by it at as well, but at the same time it made us ponder the following: if you had a choice between this here pink Camaro or a Scion iQ, what would you choose to drive (in public and during daytime hours)?

We checked out this Camaro's specs and discovered that it's a V6 model mated to the six-speed automatic (yeah, we know, a waste). Compared to the Scion, which has a measly 1.3-liter I4 and a CVT, the Camaro is the clear winner. But still, the thing is pink. So our question to all of you is what would you take? Going pink or going green?

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