Quick Reflexes And Tesla's Insane Mode Help Avoid A Rear-End Collision

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A good case for why more horsepower makes a car safer.

One of the main prerequisites for a supercar to be truly super is the ability to give owners more control over their hunks of aluminum and carbon fiber. It isn't enough to bestow a car with gobs of power to make it go fast; it also must be able to control that power. That's why the best supercars are the ones that can most easily and quickly change direction, not just go faster than the competition in a straight line. However, there are times when that straight-line performance turns out to be a good thing.

Take this scary scenario for example. While a P85D Tesla Model S is a heavy creature, it has the ability to change its speed very quickly thanks to 100% of its torque going to all four wheels from 0 RPM.

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It enables super quick launches in Insane Mode (you need the P90D to hit Ludicrous Mode) and even when the Tesla's Launch Control isn't being used, neck snapping acceleration is still an option by marrying the accelerator to the firewall. That's exactly what this Tesla driver does when they see a Toyota Prius with a distracted driver barreling towards them. The Prius applies the brakes too late to avoid a crash, but thankfully when it arrives in the Tesla's personal bubble, the electric car is already gone thanks to quick reactions and an even quicker launch.

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