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Quiet Tires Are On The Rise

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Pirelli's noise-canceling rubber has never been more popular.

While automakers love to boast about the blistering performance stats of their flashy sports cars and the smooth, elegant ride of their decked-out luxury vehicles, much of a car's performance and feel comes down to what tires it is wearing.

Automakers tend to work closely with certain tire companies to chose and develop tires that they think will be best suited to their vehicles, and Italian tire manufacturer Pirelli has announced that demand for their Pirelli Noise Cancelling System, or PNCS, tires have doubled in 2018.

Pirelli announced that homologations-essentially official approval by automakers-of Pirelli tires that are equipped with PNCS technology has risen from 78 in 2017 to over 150 in 2018. Pirelli has installed PNCS technology in its tires since 2013, and its growing popularity has largely come from the premium and more upscale manufacturers who look to provide their cars with a comfortable and quiet ride.

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The main goal of the Pirelli Noise Cancelling System is to diminish perceived road noise inside the vehicle-and it accomplishes this goal remarkably well, with road noise reduced by up to 25%. Pirelli claims that this makes it sound as if the vehicle is only riding on three wheels instead of four, essentially eliminating a whole tire's worth of noise. Pirelli creates this effect by lining the inside of the tire with a sound absorbing material (they wouldn't say which one) which acts as a sponge to deaden vibrations in the air caused by bumps in the road surface.

These tires are distinguished by a logo on the sidewall that features a speaker and sound waves next to the acronym. Pirelli recommends only buying tires that are specifically homologated for your vehicle to insure the technology works to the best of its ability, and to always remember to maintain the proper tire pressures.