Quirky Caravans and RVs


The question is whether you'd be willing to be seen driving one of these in public.

If you're someone who prefers a more traditional camping experience, then you'll probably find yourself repulsed by all of these quirky caravans and RVs. The trailer (caravan for the Brits) and RV are perhaps two of the best things to ever happen to the outdoors. Sleeping in a tent is all well and good, but who wouldn't want to sleep in a Prius RV or in a trailer pulled by a Rascal power scooter? The answer, quite simply, is no one.

For some reason I have difficulty imagining a member of the Hells Angels or Mongols camping in this bizarre motorcycle-RV hybrid. This chopper-trailer has five wheels and looks like it could sleep anywhere from two to four. Extra points given for the uber-comfortable looking driver's seat.

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It is easy to look at the QTvan and laugh, but one day we will all be pushing 70-plus and will be clamoring to own this six-foot trailer. The caravan was designed by the British company ETA (Environmental Transportation Association) and is 100 percent carbon neutral. Included in this miniature abode are a tea set, 19-inch LCD TV, bed and a full bar.

The Colim (Colors of Life in Motion) Caravan from designer Christian Susana is hopefully the future of the RV/trailer. Colim is designed to make towing an automobile on a camping trip a thing of the past as the RV's cab doubles as a detachable vehicle.

While it would be nice to travel the world in the Colim Caravan, the future of the RV is more than likely this modified Prius. This Prius RV was spotted at the 2012 Tokyo Auto Salon and features two floors with enough room for a coffee table or small sofa. Strike while the iron is hot, Toyota.

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