Quit Being So Nice Jay, Tell GM to Just Build the Damn Thing

And for once, thanks for not wearing all denim.

Enough already Cadillac. After years of waiting will you just get that big rear-wheel-drive halo car into production! There have been a few concepts along the way, one of which goes back to 2003. That’s a damn decade right there, and that whole GM went bankrupt argument ain’t gonna work anymore. Fortunately, we’re really digging the new Elmiraj Concept you just showed off at Pebble Beach. It’s gorgeous and there’s really nothing else like it on the market today. So just build it and prove you’ve got some balls.

Heck, even Lexus has grown a pair with the LFA and its upcoming RC F. You going to let Lexus (aka Toyota) upstage you here? Didn’t think so. So listen to car guys like Jay Leno and just get this puppy the production green light. We're all waiting.

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