R&B Singer The Weeknd Has A Drool-Worthy Collection Of Supercars


Yes, his McLaren P1 is cleaner than your church shoes.

Turn on the radio to any pop, hip hop or R&B station and there’s a good chance that you’ll hear “Starboy” by The Weeknd. You might be tempted to immediately change stations due to the fact that the song is played a million times an hour. But if you resist that temptation, or if you just love the song, give it a close listen and you’ll notice something: The Weeknd loves fast cars. Rockers, rappers and singers have always professed their love for cars in song, but Abel Makkonen Tesfaye has a collection that actual car people (like us) would approve of.

In “Starboy,” The Weeknd sings about his McLaren P1, Lamborghini Aventador SV Roadster and Bentley Mulsanne. Yes, The Weeknd owns a P1 and Aventador SV! All three of the cars are seen in the music video for his new single, and the P1 even gets taken for a spin out on Los Angeles’ Mulholland Drive. Many rappers talk about owning fast cars but their tastes usually seem a bit basic. Pulling off the lot in an Aventador is certainly cool, but it takes a bit of a gearhead to seek out an Aventador SV. Same for the P1. We don’t doubt The Weeknd has money but the English hypercar is still a massive investment. One of his lyrics says it cost him “a milli point two,” while another lets listeners know that “none of these toys on lease too, ah.”

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A bit of Internet sleuthing revealed that the R&B crooner also owns a Mercedes-AMG G63. If “all” he owns are these four cars that means his garage houses almost 3,000 horsepower and is worth north of $2 million bucks. Again, we’ve seen bigger and more expensive collections but something tell us The Weeknd A: puts thought into the cars he buys and B: actually drives them. We’d do the same thing if we were in his $1,000 shoes. P1 and Aventador SV photos by @abelxo for Celebrity Cars Blog.