R/C Cars Assault a Massive Sand Dune

This is what we call having fun in the sand with high voltage horsepower.

Before many of us earned our driver’s license, R/C cars were the best and really only way to get behind the wheel. After outgrowing that Power Wheels Jeep, graduating to an R/C car was the next logical step. But some never got over the R/C car bug and kept playing with them into adulthood. There ain’t nothing wrong with that. Just ask Traxxas, the maker of some of the fastest R/C cars on planet earth, who took a couple of its products to the Glamis dunes for a little freestyle show.

Powered by 11.1-volt high capacity LiPo batteries which provide some high voltage horsepower, these cars blast across the sand dunes at over 65 mph and land jumps that get some serious air.

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