R/C Chevy Blazer Conquering An Obstacle Course Is Awesome To Watch

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Boys and their toys.

The Chevrolet Blazer of today shares a lot of styling cues with the Camaro, but once upon a time, when versions like the K5 were around, the Blazer looked like (and was) a pretty handy off-roader. Getting your hands on one of these classics is a costly affair, but a relatively cheaper way of exploring the intricacies of off-roading is with a remote-controlled car. This too can be an expensive hobby, but it's certainly cheaper than buying a restored K5.

Normally this sort of thing wouldn't normally make news here, but watch the video below and tell us that you're not impressed with the skills of the operator.


Clearly a lot of time and effort went into building the course that mimics a real-life off-road trail rather well. The details on the K5 R/C car is just as impressive, and before a couple of rough bumps, you can see that it even has functioning headlights. Although these get knocked out eventually, the resilience of the little toy is quite impressive too. It's very detailed and apparently features some sort of lift kit along with oversized mud tires. Whatever is done to this little truck, it seems that there's no obstacle too great for it to overcome.


Cross-RC sells quite a few similar vehicles, and their detail is just as impressive. We've seen models with beadlock tires, spare fuel canisters, a relocated fuel cell, spare wheel, full roll cage, air intake snorkel, and even roof-mounted spotlights. The best part is that these toys can be customized easily, but be warned: this is a hobby that can get expensive too. Some models even offer variable differential gearing, diff locking, and aluminum shock absorbers. Maybe it's better to stick with real trucks, but then again, seeing an R/C vehicle fall off a cliff would be a lot easier than seeing the same thing happen to a real car.


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