R32 Skyline GT-R Restoration Costs As Much As 4 R35s

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Worth it for the classic Godzilla?

When you mention the word "Godzilla" most will think of the massive Japanese lizard that loves to destroy downtown Tokyo and swat helicopters out of the sky, but gearheads will think that you're talking about the infamous R32 Nissan Skyline GT-R. The Nissan GT-R brand is possibly one of the most famous in the world of JDM motoring, and rare examples are fetching astonishing prices - with good reason; these cars have a rich racing history (both on and off the track) and, for many, are a reminder of a more innocent time, when beating your own lap time in Gran Turismo was your only major life crisis. Nissan's legendary in-house tuner NISMO is preserving this legend by meticulously restoring these cars, and gives us a sneak peek at what it takes to completely overhaul an R32 GT-R at a cost of nearly half a million dollars.


Customers that are keen for this undertaking will have to provide an R32, but Nismo is also willing to source one. The process starts with a complete disassembly where the car is stripped down to its bare shell for inspection. The body is then 3D scanned and spot welded to restore body rigidity. When the body has been double-checked, it is ready for a new coat of paint.

When it comes to the legendary RB26 twin-turbo inline-six engine, Nismo leaves no stone unturned, and the company offers this powertrain in different states of tune. The rest of the drivetrain also gets a refresh with a new clutch, reconditioned transmission and transfer car, propeller shafts, and differentials.


The suspension system is completely redone with new bushings, the link arms are replaced and repainted. Shock absorbers and springs are also replaced, and the brake system sees new lines, refurbished calipers. When the mechanical work is done, Nismo plugs in a new ECU, after which the team moves to the interior.

Inside the cabin, the R32 gets reupholstered with R35 materials for a premium feel, and cracked and faded plastic trim is replaced. Finally, Nismo goes through the car for a thorough inspection, including some track time. The price of one of these restorations? A cool 45 million yen, or $420,536. For that money, you could buy nearly 4 of the base R35 GT-R, which carries a starting price of $113,540.


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