Race Of The Track Day Ultimates: Aston Martin Vulcan Vs McLaren P1 GTR

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Two multimillion dollar British track legends go toe to toe on a slippery British track.

Yup, you're completely and utterly right. Life is simply not fair. Chances are you're reading this on some sort of screen, which means life isn't too bad for you, but it's most likely not as good as it is for the Drivetribe crew, which has decided to shoot a video on their favorite track cars. Being good Brits that they are, Jethro Bovingdon and Henry Catchpole know their way around the usual mix of Caterhams and Ariels, but why shoot for the mountains when you can aim for the stars?

It's in no small part a fault of the high end British manufacturers and their push for extreme multimillion dollar hypercars that this action packed comparison comes to us because as of this writing, both Aston Martin and McLaren have some pretty hardcore track cars available for purchase if wallet size is of no issue.

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More are in the works, but why worry about that when the $2.3 million 804 horsepower Aston Martin Vulcan and the $1.7 million 986 horsepower McLaren P1 GTR are available for a track battle right now? This, without a doubt, is the race we've all been wanting to see. Without a restrictive automaker like Ferrari pulling back the reins and making it so that its cars cannot race and risk humiliation, both the Vulcan and P1 GTR are able to be unleashed on the track for a full blown fight to the top. We won't give away the winner of the race, but it's safe to say that no one who buys either will be a loser.

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