Race To 150 MPH: Giulia QV Fights AMG C63 S And BMW M3 Comp Pack

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Once again Europe is at war, but this time the Germans and Italians aren't allies.

As a brainchild of the Top Gear crew, let's all take a second to tune our attention to Drivetribe and its latest decision on a battle that may never end as long as opinions run strong: that of the super sedans. The previous three that speed addicts were concerned with came from Germany's Big Three luxury automakers, but the Four Rings entrant has been replaced by our newest obsession and target of curiosity, the Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio and its Ferrari-derived twin-turbo V6.

Perhaps because it's fun to keep inciting a battle between contestants in order to keep getting on a race track to fight one another (the Mustang and Camaro do it all the time). Drivetribe has brought the aforementioned Alfa to the track along with a BMW M3 Competition Pack and a Mercedes-AMG C63 S for a simple barrage of tests.

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Though the old Top Gear trio had a hand in making it, this is a serious test for result-seekers, so don't expect any antics from Vicky Parrott. In this case the test is a drag race is to 150 mph, a simple examination of horsepower, torque, weight, and launch control. The Alfa is devoid of the latter or those, but all it takes is a good racing driver and a few practice runs to get the Giulia's power to the ground. The BMW M3 is down on power compared to its competitors, but set it up properly (by forgoing the launch control) and it's off. Off the line performance isn't a Mercedes forte in this class because rear-wheel drive AMGs love to nuke tires, but in this case the battle is won both off the line and high in the power band. See for yourself.

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