Racer Spins Out at 100 MPH; Fights Back from 25th to 1st

Stunning comeback at the Texas World Speedway.

In a field of 33 Spec Racer Fords at the Texas World Speedway, Denny Stripling fancied his chances starting at just outside the front row. But after spinning out on T1 of lap 1 at around 100 mph, the race appears lost before it’s even begun. Finding the car in drivable condition, with just minor cosmetic damage, Stripling reenters the race in 25th position. Clawing back 13 cars in the first lap alone, Stripling charges through the field.

National champion level drivers are at the front of the pack, but this determined bastard holds no fear as he spends the next 12 laps focused on finishing first. It’s truly a phenomenal comeback, and Denny caught the whole 23-minute race in glorious HD. Check it out, complete with speech bubble commentary, here.

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