Racing A McLaren 570S Proves How Quick The Jeep Trackhawk Is


The Trackhawk is quick, but is it as fast as a supercar?

As soon as Jeep first revealed the 707-hp Grand Cherokee Trackhawk, we knew that it was going to be special. In fact, we believe that the Trackhawk belongs in a new category of vehicles known as Super SUVs (SSUVs). This supercharged beast is the type of car that tuner John Hennessey likes to get his hands on. Hennessey has already shown us that the AWD Trackhawk can defeat the RWD Hellcat from which it derives its engine. The Trackhawk is quicker than the Hellcat, but can it beat a mid-engined supercar?

Hennessey was clearly curious as well because he recently filmed a drag race between the new Trackhawk and the McLaren 570S. The results are very illuminating.

Even though the Trackhawk has more horsepower than the 570S (707 compared to 562), it also weights a lot more. The Trackhawk can complete the quarter-mile in 11.6 seconds, which is incredibly fast. However, the 570S can do it in 10.4 seconds. The McLaren wins this drag race, but as we can see the AWD Jeep Trackhawk puts up a good fight off the line.

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