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Why Jeeps are eternally cool.

Summer is still a couple of months away, but that hasn't stopped Jeep from hitting the beach and riding a massive wave of success. All cheesy jokes aside, the brand is experiencing one of its best periods ever, with popularity and sales both up. Here's hoping that Jeep decides to use its newfound success to branch out a bit from its comfort zone by taking a chance on one of these killer concepts/ epic DIY creations.

If Chrysler ever decides to try and muscle in on Honda's lawnmower monopoly, then it might want to consider creating the Jeep Survivor. Designer Max Ostap used the Jeep Bantam, a favorite of the allied forces in WWII, as inspiration for the Survivor. The Survivor is unique in almost every way; from its rooftop spare tire to its imposing grill and unique window layout.

When a Fiat Panda falls in love with a Jeep Wrangler, the resulting vehicle is the Jeep Pygmy. Vasiliy Kurkov has designed the Pygmy as a combination American off-roader and European city car. The name is ridiculous, but it isn't tough to envision Chrysler getting crafting and trying to release a Jeep-branded city car in an attempt to appeal to American drivers.

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An enterprising Colorado man decided to build himself a Jurassic Park Jeep using only $4,000, three years of time and a DVD cover for reference. The end result looks identical to the Jeeps used in the film and makes you wonder if Jeep would ever consider a limited production run of the Jurassic Park Jeeps. The film's 20th anniversary is coming up.

The Ecos Fun is what an all-electric Jeep could look like if Chrysler ever decided to go down that road. The Fun sells for $24,995, has a top speed of 70 miles and a range of 100 miles. The Fun's stats aren't bad, but it may need to be butched up a bit in order to appeal to Jeep drivers.

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