Radical Prius Remixes

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For the inner Prius lover in all of us.

The Prius is a polarizing car to say the least. Some see it as a symbol of environmental friendliness, and laud its amazing gas mileage. Other people see the Prius as a slow and unnecessary eyesore that has no place on the road next to other truly great cars. If you're someone who loves Toyota's flagship hybrid, then you'll love all of these radical Prius remixes. If you're someone who hates Toyota's flagship hybrid, then hopefully all of these radical Prius remixes can soften your hard heart.

Speeding was made effectively legal in Berlin when the city's police force debuted their new fleet of Prii. The police Prii were part of the city's campaign to cut carbon emissions. While the idea of a cop chasing a speeding Audi in a Prius is laughable at best, Toyota's eco-car gets cool points for being so close to guns and criminals.

It may be tough to believe, but there is actually a Prius GT300 race car. Toyota showed off their green racer at the 2012 Tokyo Auto Salon. The Prius looked surprisingly awesome, with its new body kit and fancy spoiler. It also had 300hp, making it one of the fastest Prii on the block/universe.

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The 2012 Tokyo Auto Salon showed the full potential of the Prius. Japanese tuners came out in full force, with crazy Prius remixes that had to be seen to be believed. From Prii with rims covered in Swarovski crystals, to Prii with carbon fiber hoods (crazy), these tuners showed everyone what could be.

The Prius campervan may not look as cool as these others Prii, but it's a heck of a lot more functional. Like all awesome Prius creations, this one poked its head out at the 2012 Tokyo Auto Salon. The camper shell is amazingly roomy, with a bottom floor big enough for a small couch, and the top floor containing a small sleeping area.

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