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Radical Rapture Is A Race Car For The Road


Radical’s new flagship sports car is powered by a Ford Focus RS engine.

The world debut of the track-only Ford GT Mk II may have stolen the show at the 2019 Goodwood Festival of Speed. But there were also a couple of British sports car debuts that deserve your attention too. BAC presented the all-new Mono R, a faster, lighter more advanced version of the bonkers single-seater. And now racing car manufacturer Radical Sportscars has shown up with a new flagship sports car. It’s called the Rapture, and while it’s primarily designed to tear up the track, it can also be unleashed on the street. Radical claims the Rapture will "deliver an emotive driving experience like no other across both road and race track.”

As with Radical’s other road cars, the Rapture combines extreme performance, lightweight construction, and aerodynamic efficiency. It boasts a lightweight spaceframe chassis with FIA-compliant safety cell and crash structure, as well as high downforce-generating composite bodywork, which features a bi-plane rear wing and double-tunnel diffuser.

At the heart of the Rapture is a 2261 cc turbocharged EcoBoost engine supplied by Ford and reworked by Radical Performance Engines, featuring an all-new turbo architecture and air induction system. The unit produces 350 hp and 320 lb-ft of torque, which is sent through a six-speed paddle-shift gearbox. 0-62 mph takes three seconds before the Rapture tops out at 165 mph. Building on Radical’s experience with the road-going SR3 SL and RXC Coupe, the Rapture also features an enhanced version of the company’s Nik-link suspension system optimized for both road and track use and comes with adjustable dampers.

We’re not going to pretend the Rapture is a practical road car, but Radical has tried to make it comfortable for road use with two molded racing seats that have integral headrests and multi-point harnesses. There’s also heating, a multi-function digital steering wheel and an LCD display with data-logging functions for when you take it on a track day.

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"Radical has always been a business to push the boundaries; in developing Rapture, we listened carefully to our global customer base to ensure that whilst road legal, the Rapture remains an undiluted, out-and-out track car at its core,” said Radical Sportscars CEO, Joe Anwyll. "We’ve distilled over two decades of motorsport heritage into the most focused, open sportscar possible. In Rapture, cutting edge direct-injection turbocharged powertrain technology and advanced underbody aerodynamics contribute to a unique package with electrifying performance.”

Radical hasn’t announced pricing details but confirmed that first deliveries for the Rapture are scheduled for the beginning of August. At launch, the Rapture will be available in the UK and Europe, but homologation for worldwide territories is said to follow.

Live shots by Brian Smith (www.bms-photo.com; Instagram @bms_photo)