Radical Sportscars Really Are Just That: Radical

This is what pure race car driving is all about.

It all started in 1997 when a couple of amateur drivers and engineers started a British sports car company called Radical Sportscars. Phil Abbot, one of the two founders, wanted to build a basic and lightweight racer that he himself would like to own. It boiled down to a two-seater that gave good performance powered by a motorcycle engine built for high revs. From the looks of early models, Radicals didn’t look like anything much. They weren’t even very aerodynamic.

But the goal was to make them light and relatively cheap. Over the years the cars have evolved, but they’re still extremely basic. And now Radical is one of the best builders of amateur race cars in the UK. XCAR has just released this new video featuring Phil Abbot explaining his passion.

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