Radical SR10 XXR Revealed With Le Mans-Inspired Aerodynamics

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More than 70% of SR10 buyers have been American, and now they can get something even more hardcore.

Radical Motorsport has lifted the lid on its latest creation: the Radical SR10 XXR. The XXR treatment is the most hardcore variant of any model Radical produces, with the most recent example being the SR3 XXR in December last year. This time around, the XXR suffix has been applied to Radical's quickest-selling model, with enhancements focusing on aerodynamic prowess and lightweighting.

What remains unchanged is the 2.3-liter turbocharged EcoBoost engine, which is the same unit you might find in a Ford Mustang, but dialed up to produce 425 horsepower and 380 lb-ft of torque in Radical's application. Power is sent to the rear axle via a Hewland GT3-derived six-speed transaxle gearbox, an evolution of the hardware used in Formula 2 racing. Weighing less than 1,600 pounds, 0-60 mph takes less than 2.4 seconds.

Radical Motorsport
Radical Motorsport

Visually, the Radical SR10 XXR received an LMP-style central fin aft of the driver, while ahead of them, new louvers on the front end reduce understeer at speed and improve cooling. Lightweight alloy wheels reduce unsprung mass, again helping with handling and ride quality. A new LED DRL design has been included as standard too. Should buyers wish to enhance the style and further reduce the weight of the SR10 XXR, they can opt for a carbon splitter and diffuser package.

Orders have opened immediately, with production starting this spring.

According to Radical, the purpose of the SR10 XXR is to "out-run and out-maneuver the competition whilst remaining easy to drive and cost-effective to run." But instead of just limiting that ability to new buyers, Radical will let owners of the regular Radical SR10 upgrade to XXR specification.

Radical Motorsport
Radical Motorsport

The XXR Evolution Pack includes all the XXR's upgraded aero, including the front clamshell, new wheels, cooling vents, and revised rear aero. It can be specced with or without the carbon options too. Owners currently competing in the international Radical Cup championships are eligible to compete in the Platinum classes in both standard XXR and XXR Evolution Pack forms.

Since its introduction in 2020, the SR10 has been a smash hit, particularly among American buyers. Radical claims that 70% of the more than 100 orders have come stateside.

"The SR10 range has continued to push the boundaries of modern engineering capabilities with the same pure Radical driving experience," says Joe Anwyll, Radical Motorsport CEO. "Our fastest-selling model in our history, and a favorite with US customers in particular, we've been working hard to cherry-pick the best XXR model line upgrades and adding them to our best-selling model, the SR10."

There's more to come from Radical this year, with the forthcoming Project 25 previously teased as an 850-hp twin-turbo V6 track weapon.

Radical Motorsport

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