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RAF Stunt Pilots Compare Fighter Jets To An Aston Martin DB11

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One piece of crucial supercar technology surprises these adrenaline junkies the most.

Aston Martin has been pretty successful with the DB11. It launched only a year ago and it's already become the car that every contender needs to knock off the perch. Just a short while back Lexus pitched the LC500 against the DB11 to try and prove that it's the Aston Martin's equivalent despite costing half as much. This time around, it's the British Royal Air Force acrobatics team, the Red Arrows, that tries to take on the DB11 to see what their reactions are compared to those they experience onboard their planes.

As much as Aston Martin loves to proclaim that its grand tourers can supply precision performance on one hand and a supple ride that may as well be a glide through the air on the other, there are slight differences between the DB11 and the fighter jets that the Red Arrows pilot.

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So to prove the car's worth, Aston Martin put these veteran pilots behind the wheel of the DB11. Interestingly enough, the aspect that these adrenaline junkie pilots liked the most were the brakes. Think about it for a moment. These guys are used to pulling high G maneuvers all day, turning sharply and being accelerated by jet engines, which can make even a 5.2-liter V12 pushing 600 horsepower to the rear wheels feel tame. But the one thing a jet can't do is stop on a dime in mid air. The Aston Martins can, and that discovery becomes the center of focus for these drivers, kind of like an old man taking Cialis for the first time.