Rain Man's Roadmaster up for Auction

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A beautiful classic Buick that earned fame on the Silver Screen is now up for auction.

Every now and then a movie comes along that instantly becomes a pop icon. Whether it's the characters or the story setting itself, these films become ingrained in our minds and we often find ourselves quoting them for our own amusement and the annoyance of others. When "Rain Man" debuted in 1988, not only was an iconic character created thanks to Dustin Hoffman's Oscar-winning performance, but we were also shown how cool it was to drive cross-country in a classic Buick convertible.

They simply don't make Buicks this cool anymore. And now the 1949 Roadmaster used in the film is up for auction. Yes, that means you too can claim to be "an excellent driver". It's one of two identical cars used for filming, and according to the seller, its rear suspension was modified in order to handle the extra weight of the camera and crew. The two-door convertible is powered by a 320 cubic-inch Straight-8 mated to a 2-speed Dynaflow automatic transmission. With its beige exterior paint and red leather interior, the car is a classic for both American automobiles and film memorabilia.

In addition to the car, the seller is also including the forms proving MGM studios rented the car for filming, specifically the insurance and loan agreements. Bidding opens at $40,000 but we suspect it could go much higher by the time the auction ends on December 7.

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