Raising Your Boy to Be an NFL QB Might Get You a Pink Caddy One Day

And Spike Lee might film the occasion.

Many kids around the world want to grow up to be professional athletes. Most never do. Those that succeed often have their moms to thank, and when this future NFL star was in third grade, he not only declared he would make it to the top, but also promised to buy his mother a pink Caddy when he got there. That pass has recently been completed as soon-to-be first-round draft-pick Teddy Bridgewater delivered a 2015 pink Cadillac Escalade to his number #1 fan, his mom.

In a segment for the TV show Good Morning America, Teddy surprised his mom, "Coach" Rose Garcia, a breast cancer survivor with the SUV. Cadillac not being one to miss a feel-good PR story, commissioned none other than Spike Lee to create a short documentary capturing the heart-felt moment.

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