Ralf Schumacher Sends DTM Crew Airborne

If you thought motorsports are only dangerous for the drivers, the junior Schumacher is here to tell us to think again.

If you've ever watched a car race on TV, you've probably marveled at how the drivers speed into the pit box without taking out their crew in the process. Well, things don't always go quite so smoothly.

During a practice session for a DTM touring car race at Zandvoort in Holland, former F1 driver Ralf Schumacher managed to get into the pit lane just fine, but his exit was another matter altogether. On the way out, the rear wing on his Mercedes-Benz C-Class racing car caught onto an air line in the next slot and took out four crew members in the process. The technicians were sent airborne in a flash, but apparently escaped any serious injury. Still this only goes to show why pit crews are seen moving those hoses out of the way whenever a car is passing nearby.

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