Rally Car Rolls Over Ridiculously Close To Finish Line

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So close yet so far.

After navigating a treacherous rally stage where disaster can potentially strike at any unforgiving corner, you can imagine the sense of relief rally drivers must feel as they approach the finish line in one piece. During last week's World Rally Championship, WRC 2 driver Quentin Gilbert was on his way to securing a podium finish at stage 16 of the Rally Portugal. But before drivers cross the finish line on this stage, they must face the fearsome Fafe jump.

Rally drivers make performing spectacular jumps in WRC cars look ridiculously easy, which makes for some awe-inspiring photos and videos. But as this video shows, it really isn't. The famous Fafe jump is notorious for being one of the biggest and most challenging jumps in the WRC season, requiring skill and precision to land successfully.

Speeding through the stage in his Skoda Fabia R5, Gilbert approached the jump with too much ferocity and went airborne at the wrong angle, causing the rally car to nosedive into the dust and flip end over end spectacularly. You have to feel sorry for Gillbert. The location of the Fafe jump is so tantalizingly close to the finish line, that drivers can catch a glimpse of it in mid-air. Fortunately, both Gilbert and his co-driver Renaud Jamoul survived the crash unscathed, but you can see them understandably vent their frustration as soon as they step out of the smashed-up Skoda. Better luck next time.

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