Rally Driver Will Attempt Record On Track That Kills 2 People Per Race

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They say greatness and insanity are strongly correlated.

It must be pretty dang cool to be a world-record holding rally driver like Mark Higgins. Not only does he have the bragging rights to the quickest lap time in a car on the racetrack where the world's most dangerous race is held, but Subaru and tuner Prodrive have teamed up just to build him his own personal car. This won't be an Oprah Winfrey giveaway car that Higgins can use to get his groceries though. Instead he will use the tuned machine to do what a racing driver does best and try to set another lap record.

The setting for this undertaking is none other than the Isle of Man where a race takes place that claims the lives of about two people per event. These brave and insane racers ride on motorcycles, so Higgins has the advantage of being surrounded by a metal cage. Speaking of his fast confinement cell, Subaru has just released an image of the WRX STI tuned with the help of Prodrive in which Higgins will attempt to break his own record. For the record, that time is 19 minutes and 15 seconds, but word is that Higgins and his Subaru/Prodrive team will try and make the lap in less than 19 minutes. To do this, Higgins will need to keep the car floored most of the time because he needs to average more than 117.5 mph on the 37.7-mile course to beat his record.

While Subaru hasn't released any information on the car, it looks like the interior has been stripped out and the suspension and aerodynamics have been upgraded. Prodrive's contribution may have come from chassis tuning while slick tires should help glue the car to the road to prevent it from falling off any of the 264 corners on the course. Aside from these modifications, the 2.5-liter turbocharged four-banger from the WRX STI will likely keep its stock 300 horsepower rating, except a custom exhaust may be included. Higgin's previous record set in 2014 was made on a nearly stock Subie WRX STI, so this should be an upgrade. We only hope they don't forget to strap a GoPro to the car so we can get cool footage of the run.

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