Rally Drivers Ditch Their Cars

Rallying is always entertaining to watch, but this particular one definitely draws a few more laughs than usual.

Driving hard in any sort of motorsport event is a challenge even for the most experienced racing drivers. Although it may not look so difficult when watching, say an F1 grand prix or rally stage on TV, it takes true skill and experience in order to handle the course, car, other drivers and countless other unforeseen situations. And for rally drivers who are used to rough road conditions, this video shot recently at the Race Rent Cup 2013 shows just how challenging any given course can be. One after the other, the drivers fail to make the required hard right turn and soon find themselves in a ditch.

Some drivers fare better than others and a small few even manage to avoid going into the ditch completely. But the group of Polish spectators just can’t get enough of the shenanigans.

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