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Rally: New Lancia Stratos?

We love the Lancia, and we're happy to hear that the New Lancia Stratos has completed another step of its lengthy, and tiresome, unveiling process. This time there is information about the official presentation, which took place in the month of November, somewhere in France. At this presentation, the spectators were able to see the cabin for the first time, a racecar concept, while they were also informed that the Stratos could be built in limited production run if there's a demand.

The vehicle has impressed figures in the automotive world so some time now. In fact, the Stratos not only impressed on paper, but also managed to win over Ferrari CEO Luca di Montezemolo and other company officials. The cabin of the Stratos boasts a pair of body-hugging bucket seats, metallic accents, and an impressive Ferrari-sourced steering wheel. The other thing unveiled at the presentation was a scale model, painted in rally style. Still no official information, but this could be a hint to a Stratos racecar in the near future. We hope so!

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