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Ram 1500 Pimped By Mopar Is Awesome To Watch

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It's really cool to see a truck getting customized.

Pickup truck owners love to personalize their vehicles, which is why automakers like FCA now have their own in-house tuning divisions like Mopar, which customizes vehicles straight from the factory. Mopar has worked its magic on a number of Chrysler, Jeep, Dodge, and Ram vehicles and has recently turned its sights on the off-road oriented Ram 1500 Rebel.

In a video posted by FCA North America's YouTube account, we get an inside look at a Ram 1500 Rebel receiving its Mopar brand upgrades. The Mopar custom shop processes 300 to 500 Ram trucks per day, making them stand out above the standard model with custom-order Mopar accessories.

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When the truck is first driven into the facility, it is prepped to receive its spray-in bed-liner. Since water will ruin the process, Mopar uses infrared heaters and air guns to clear out any moisture. The bed is then rubbed with an alcohol base to get rid of any leftover debris and water. For trucks designated to get a graphics package, templates are used to ensure the decals are installed in the same location on every vehicle. Next, the truck is wired and taped to make sure any area that isn't supposed to be painted remains as so.

Once the human process of taping is complete, the truck is pulled into the robotic spray booth to have its bed-liner installed. The robotic arms take about six to seven minutes to spray the bed and once the process is complete, the truck is pulled forward so workers can pull off the paper, wires, and plastic. If so optioned, the Mopar shop also installs chrome moldings and tie down rails into the bed. Every truck is quality inspected before it drives out of the facility to ensure no mistakes were made. On average, the whole process takes around one hour per truck.