Ram 1500 Revolution EV Won't Kill The Combustion-Powered Pickup

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Ram is not giving up on gas anytime soon.

Ram CEO Mike Koval has confirmed that the combustion-powered Ram 1500 pickup truck will continue to be offered alongside the electric Ram 1500 EV. Speaking to CarBuzz at CES 2023, where the Ram 1500 Revolution BEV Concept stole the show, Koval succinctly confirmed, "We will continue to build the ICE 1500."

This was in response to questions on how large a market share Ram is aiming for within the segment, with Koval also confirming, "Our ambitions are pretty aggressive and are rooted in our specific suite of solutions that will meet customer needs. [The Ram 1500 EV] will help with adoption rates. [But we] will do both. [We] can walk and chew gum [at the same time]." But the process of convincing buyers to invest in an electric truck won't be an easy one, and Koval confirmed, "This is going to take years."


Effectively, Ram knows that the 1500 EV is not a replacement for the 1500 range because it will only meet some specific customers' needs.

Koval admits that the BEV market is still young, and advancements will be made. "It's not a mature market and still in its infancy. [We're] still watching our competitors and the dynamics they're facing."

While it's unclear how much of the incredible technology from the concept will filter down into the production truck, Koval did say that Ram's suite of solutions will exceed those of its competitors. That means the Ram Revolution will at least feature some cool technology, if only as a marketing tactic to lure customers away from Rivian, Ford, and Chevrolet.

However, this won't come at the expense of practicality. "Trucks still have to do truck things. Electrification cannot be a limitation," explains Koval.

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Ram spent a lot of time speaking to existing truck owners during the Revolution's development, with Koval telling us that "people are open-minded to electrification but are not willing to compromise on core attributes." When asked how close Ram got to achieving the parameters set by customers, the response was hugely positive. "We will not only meet but also exceed virtually all of them," explains Koval, citing how you "don't have to be first to market" and that it's "been an advantage [to see] what competitors have already announced."

Koval confirmed that we won't have to wait long to see the production version and that more information will be released in a steady stream in the coming months. But the important thing, according to Koval, is that "we can now say Ram has arrived, and we're in it to win."

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