Ram 1500 TRX Is More Expensive For 2023, But Not By Much

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Ram desperately wants to undercut the $109k Ford Raptor R.

Now no longer with the V8-powered super-truck segment to itself, the Ram 1500 TRX needs to remain appealing. Price is one way for the truck to remain relevant, especially in the face of the rather-expensive Ford F-150 Raptor R. But pricing for the new model year of the truck has slipped out, and the news is good.

Ram dealers are now taking orders, and the TRX has an MRSP of $79,355, not including destination charges. The current base price of a 2022 model is $78,790, meaning MY23 versions of the truck see an increase of just $565. The increase details come from Mopar Insiders, which seems to have gotten hold of the 2023 TRX pricing and specification sheet.

Compared to the massive $6,455 increase we saw from 2021 to 2022, this year's update is almost too small to even notice.


The slight increase likely has something to do with the arrival of the Ford Raptor R. The TRX's only rival retails for $109,145, which makes the TRX $29,810 less expensive. With that much money, you can buy enough gas to drive the TRX at least 500 yards.

In all seriousness, the TRX has a lot going for it, but Ford arguably hit it out of the park with the Raptor R. It has better off-road-related figures and weighs 490 pounds less than the Ram.

And given the current state of the dealer system, you likely won't find a TRX at sticker anyway.


The specification sheet reveals that not much has changed for the 2023 model year. The TRX soldiers forth with its impressive list of standard features, though you still have to pay $995 extra for adaptive cruise control with stop and go, lane keep assist, pedestrian emergency braking, and tailgate-ajar warning light.

The most luxurious TRX Equipment 2 Package, which adds all of the luxury, safety, and convenience items you can imagine, adds a further $10,295 to the price. The Ram's famous two-tone exterior is carried over with minimal increases, but adding it also automatically adds the aforementioned Equipment 2 Package.

The Sandblast Edition, which made its debut in June, will be sold as a 2023 model rather than a late 2022 addition, as we previously expected.


The big price gap does leave room for a more powerful TRX, however. A rumor regarding a more powerful TRX Tyrant surfaced in August, but that turned out to be an aftermarket package and not a Ram product.

But there is still room for a more powerful TRX direct from Ram. We spoke to Ram's CEO, Mike Koval, at the New York International Auto Show earlier this year. Koval left us on a cliffhanger, stating that there was much more they could do with the TRX with electrification. Bolt a small electric motor to the gearbox, and you could easily get to 800 horsepower.

Should that become a reality, it may debut in 2023. Ram has confirmed an electric 1500 is coming, so it could follow a similar reveal schedule to Dodge and give us an 800-hp hybrid TRX at the same time as it debuts an electric concept.

2021-2022 Ram 1500 TRX Dashboard CarBuzz
Source Credits: Mopar Insiders

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2021-2022 Ram 1500 TRX Dashboard

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