Ram 1500 with Built-in Shower To Lead Mopar's Offerings

SEMA 2013 / Comments

It seems surprising that we haven't seen more surfer pickups.

Seeing a vehicle all decked out in equipment to accommodate surfers is not a new thing for SEMA. But the concept is usually something paired with whatever vehicle a given manufacturer is currently trying to push on young people. So it is surprising to see that Chrysler has chosen Ram to carry the surfer standard at next month's SEMA show, with a 1500 quad cab pickup called the Sun Chaser. The truck has a special shade of orange for the paint, as well as other unique equipment.

This includes, obviously, a rack for surfboards and a handheld shower with an electric pump and fairly sizable water tank. There is also a seat incorporated into the tailgate, although what advantage this really offers over just sitting on the tailgate isn't entirely clear. The full-sized pickup as a surfer vehicle really does make a lot of sense, but it's that kind of sense which marketing people never really seem to recognize, so it's encouraging to see that someone at Chrysler is actually using their head. The Ram Sun Chaser is one of 20 vehicles which Chrysler will be bringing to SEMA, actually a fairly modest number compared to the 57 reportedly being brought by Ford.

Among the other Chryslers will be the Fiat 500L Adventurer, a version of the new four-door 500 which has been outfitted to draw attention to the extra cargo space. There is the Jeep Cherokee Trail Carver, predictably outfitted with a host of Mopar off-road equipment. Then there's an unnamed 300S, equipped to look even more menacing. This is achieved with 20-inch wheels, a 13-bar black grille surround, SRT spoiler and a Phantom Black paint job.

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