Ram Blew Everyone Away With The Hellcat-Powered Rebel TRX Concept

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This supercharged truck will eat Raptors for dinner and have a Tundra for dessert.

Seemingly out of nowhere, FCA's Ram division decided to blow everyone's heads off with a brand new concept truck. The Rebel TRX Concept is powered by a 575 horsepower supercharged 6.2-liter V8 HEMI engine which makes it the most powerful half-ton pickup ever. It may not be as much as the Hellcat's 707, but it is well over 100 more than the most likely competitor, the Ford F-150 Raptor. The Ram brand has offered Raptor-fighters in the past, but the TRX Concept looks like it could finally dethrone Ford as the king of off-road performance trucks.


The TRX Concept sends 575 horsepower to four wheels through a TorqueFlite eight-speed automatic transmission with paddle shifters. The concept also comes with heavy-duty front and rear axles, 13-inches of wheel travel, and front and rear bypass performance shocks. The reveal of the Rebel TRX Concept came as a pretty big shock. With the Paris Motor Show in full swing, we didn't expect Ram to debut such an insane concept car. The TRX debuted far away from the glitz and glamor of Paris at the 2016 State Fair of Texas. We don't know why Dodge felt the need to release this concept right after the Raptor is set to be released, perhaps it just wanted the attention?

If this was just a move for attention, it has certainly worked. This truck doesn't just compete with the Raptor, it dominates it. The Rebel TRX has a 40% increase in suspension travel over a standard Ram 1500. Thanks to that immense HEMI power, Head of Ram Brand Mike Manly claims that this truck "can devour the roughest terrain at more than 100 miles per hour and never look back." The truck will also be able to conquer all weather thanks to a BorgWarner 44-45 transfer case with Normal, Wet/Snow, Off-road and Baja modes. On the exterior, you can clearly tell that the TRX is purpose-built. The scooped grill allows that supercharged engine to cool and the track has been widened.

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In order to accommodate that supercharger, the TRX borrows a taller hood from a Ram Heavy Duty. There are also some features that clearly won't make production. We doubt that the real model will have side-pipe exhaust, racing harnesses, cloth door-pulls, or integrated spare wheels in the bed. We doubt that this truck won't make production. Ram has been saying that it will compete with the Raptor for years, and has not followed through. Although, this is the company that had the guts to build the Hellcat, so there is a chance this concept does actually reach production.

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