Ram Charges Up Its Teaser Campaign For Revolution Electric Truck Concept

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Another glimpse of the Ram electric truck's front end has been given.

We've been reporting on the all-electric Ram 1500 pickup truck for a while now, and after hearing that the truck will officially debut at CES in January 2023, Ram has teased the highly anticipated vehicle in a new teaser video. With Ford already offering the F-150 Lightning, and GM in the advanced stages of launching its EV trucks like the Chevrolet Silverado 1500 EV, it's about time that Ram joined the party, especially after the company delayed the reveal of its first electric pickup early last month without explanation. We're officially less than a month away from the new reveal date, and to say that we're excited is an understatement.


In a minute-long video posted to social media, Ram talks about the future of its vehicle designs. "What does Ram in the future look like? Fierce, slick, heroic?" says Lou Gasevski, lead design manager for the Ram brand.

At the end of the video, we get a glimpse of the Ram Revolution concept's grille. As with most EVs, there's no grille (because there's no engine to feed air to), and the front end is dominated by Ram branding. The front end also features a set of cool-looking LED headlights and daytime running lights. The rest of the video is dotted with clay models of the upcoming truck, but we never get to see a full view of the new machine.


With the truck so close to its official reveal, it's safe to say that what is represented here in this latest video should make its way onto the final design. Bear in mind, however, that the Ram Revolution will be a concept and not a production design.

We expect the Ram 1500 EV to look very different from its ICE sibling, mimicking the trend set by GM with its Silverado EV. On the other hand, Ford has stuck with a more conventional design for the F-150 Lightning. The new Ram 1500 EV will be based on Stellantis' STLA Frame platform, and we expect it to beat, or at least get close to, the 754 horsepower output posted by GM's electric offerings, and if the Ford Vs. Ram super truck rivalry is anything to go on, we believe Ram will be looking to outdo the Ford F-150 Lightning in every category, including towing and hauling capacities, something the Lightning clearly struggles with. Expect the Ram 1500 EV to debut at CES on January 5 at 11 PM ET.


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